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      spokane wedding lifestyle engagement photographer

      Spokane Wedding + Lifestyle Photographer

      Hi, I’m Jacie. A Pacific Northwest wedding and lifestyle photographer, dedicated to capturing the honest moments of life.

      We have an unknown amount of time on this earth, so every minute is special – not just the moment when your daddy walks you down the aisle, or the day you get to bring your newborn baby home. It’s the muddy, mis-matched boots at the backdoor, your grandpa belly-laughing at your wedding reception, or the casual hand on your back while you and your babe cook breakfast. So many in-between moments that you can never seem to imprint to your brain as well as you’d like.



      I rarely like photos of myself and couldn't be more awkward if I tried. Luke and I booked a downtown Spokane engagement session with Jacie. From the second we met her it felt like we were hanging out with a friend; the camera just kinda disappeared. We all laughed a whole bunch and before we knew it our first shoot was over.

      We left saying OMG that was so fun! Jacie delivered a gallery a few weeks later that was above and beyond any expectations we could have ever had and we've found ourselves looking for excuses to hire her ever since.

      - KENDRAH B.



      Jacie is not only one of the best photographer's we know, but she is also one of the best people we know. Her energy is so positive she is a consistent joy to work with. She was an instant-friend from the minute we started our engagement session- we were laughing and telling jokes the whole time, making for such a comfortable and fun atmosphere.

      Every time we've worked with Jacie, the photos have been absolutely AMAZING. She delivers such a wide variety of photos and is so talented in picking up the essence of every couple she works with.

      Following our elopement at Schmidt Cattle Co., every member of my family commented on how fantastic it was to work with Jacie, how they loved that they felt like they were just hanging out with an old friend. We give Jacie a SOLID 12/10. Six stars. A++. Standing O. She's the BEST!

      - AVERY B.



      Jacie is such a gem! Her ability to engage with clients and put them at ease is one of the things I love the most. This is why her work looks so real, honest, connected. Jacie is talented at directing, but always shoots through moments and allows them to unfold in beautiful priceless ways. She's just amazing!

      - EMILY P.



      Jacie is a beautiful human and incredibly gifted photographer. During newborn photos, one-year-old photos, and family lifestyle photos, my children ran amuck and threw random fits; nothing went as planned. Still, Jacie flows with it, smiling and making everyone feel comfortable, and somehow there is no evidence of the chaos in any photos. She is a magician. Her art masks even awkwardness.

      She truly embraces the relationship and the vulnerability of connecting, which translates to natural-looking beautiful photos. Through her work, it is evident how honored she is to be allowed into our lives' special moments; she is a gift!

      - DESIREE R.



      I don’t know if I could put into words how much I love Jacie, both as a person and photographer!! I had always been drawn to her style, then finally got the chance to work with her myself! We first met in the Fall of 2019 when she shot our engagement photos and within 5 minutes you felt like you had known her your whole life.

      Jacie was our wedding photographer, and it was the best decision I could’ve made! I can’t imagine using another photographer after the amazing work she has returned to us each time.

      - EMILY S.
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      spokane newborn and lifestyle photographer

      hi, i'm jacie

      At home, you can usually find me chain drinking cups of hot tea while editing photos, attempting to stay warm in my robe and wool socks, or hiking like a basic Pacific Northwester.

      I’m married to my stud of a husband/home-remodeler/hiking guide/Netflix-binge-partner. He swooned me with his witty humor and holey Carhartt pants, but most importantly his selfless heart. We have two babes together, both which keep us on our toes daily.

      Through marriage, motherhood, and career – the common denominator in my life is a deep desire for connection. I’ve become incredibly passionate about photography and strive to connect with everyone I work with. People often ask me about how I like being a photographer – my response is always, how could I not love this? I get to be a part of some of the best days of people’s lives, what an incredible honor. It makes my heart full to meet new people, to learn their story, and to create relationship. It is a privilege to document the unfolding of a love story, in any form, because every story is beautiful and worthy of celebration.